220 Volts

The wind of change started to blow, on the 31st of July thousands of Iraqi citizens went out to protest against the bad power services in Iraq and Baghdad.
With the a temperature that exceeded 50 degrees Celsius men, women and even children marched into AL Tahrir square in the center of the Iraqi capital Baghdad, chanting against the minister of electricity who went on T.V few days prior to the demonstrations saying “ the reason behind the power outage is that 12% of the Baghdadi families is still using water heaters”!!

Social media played a great role in advocating for the protests and Facebook campaigns lead by public figures were numerous to encourage people to participate.
The demonstration in Baghdad was the spark for many other demonstrations in other parts of Iraq including Basra province, Maysan province, Nasiriya province and even Sulaymaniya.
The demonstrations in Baghdad were completely peaceful and only the Iraqi flag was flying unlike other incidents that had other banners and religious signs present.

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