Ali Arkady is a photojournalist and film maker from Khanaqin, Iraq. He graduated from Khanaqin's Institute of Fine Art.
He worked as a photographer since 2006, four years later, in 2010 to bring precise, he started his career as a photojournalist.
Ali worked as a documentary film maker and his focus was on wounded and disabled Iraqis during war times.
He portrayed humanitarian conditions and conflicts that Iraq went through add well as convering the ISIS invasion and occupation of nearly a third of the country.
Ali also worked on documenting daily life activities as video stories as well as covering the internally displaced Iraqis, who fled their homes in areas under ISIS control. Some of his projects took place in dangerous parts of Iraq and Syria as well as some regions of Turkey and Tunisia. In his home country, Ali worked on projects in nearly every part of the country, from North to south.
Ali is also a painter, took seveal classes of photography from well-established photographers, namely the Nicon Masterclass in 2010 (Sulaimaniya) and 2014 (Turkey).
After that, he decided to leave his home and accomplish more. It was a call from beyond to Ali. He didn't know what that voice was at first, but through time it became clear to him that it is the voice of his fellow Iraqis.
Ali chose to cover the deteriorating situations of people in his country following the regime change of 2003. His main goal was showcase people's reality and what they experienced through his photography and filmmaking.
Currently, Ali is a mentor for a number of Yazidi girls who fired ISIS capture and ate interested in becoming photographers themselves. He undertook this UNHCR one-year project to help them.
One of his most passionate video projects was the 220 volt series of videos which coverd the beginning of the demonstrations in Baghdad against corruption and the lack of services.

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