Children of War in Iraq

Hisham Al-Thahabi takes the Ted stage and starts talking about a very personal and dear story to his heart, the story of his life and success, the story of the children. Hisham talked about how he first met the children on the streets, homeless and powerless, he took them home and held them in. Hisham went on about how those children helped him just as much as he helped them, through a life of struggle and adversity, those children defied all odds and became the incredible people that they are today. “Everyone dreams at night, but not me, I dream during the day. And I have 33 living breathing dreams.” Said Al-Thahabi. His main message was that every child represents an infinite exploding potential of talent and intellect. And that, if invested in the right way and in the right environment, can blossom into something magnificent despite all the challenges.

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